Call Centre Management Masterclass

The Call Centre Management programme is designed to give participants the practical knowledge and skills that will equip them to successfully establish and manage a call centre. This programme will equip call center managers/supervisors and agents with leadership skills that strengthen their role as the critical link between strategic goals and tactical performance and is a combination of two development program modules:


  1. Call Center Manager/Supervisor Leadership Development Program

  2. Call Center Agent Development Program

Key Learning Objectives​

What this programme will do for you:


  • Know what it takes to establish and manage a world class call centre

  • Provide customer delight through service excellence

  • Utilize managerial skills to run the operations within the call centre as well as the relationships with other department

Who Should Attend

This eye-opening, interactive programme covers the essentials those responsible for an organization’s results must know -  the role of the contact center, the environment in which they operate, and how they can (and must) be harnessed to produce better business results and higher levels of customer loyalty. It is idea for call centre:


  • Managers

  • Supervisors

  • Agents